Reading Challenge 2015

How do you choose what you read? I get recommendations from friends, read my book club selections, and on occasion pick up a random book at the library, preferably one that is within reach of the checkout desk as I wrangle three (precious) children and the 437 books that we HAVE to take home. A reading challenge I noticed on Facebook or Pinterest in a fleeting moment of solitude caught my attention.


I figure that if I read a book each month for book club anyway, most of which will fit into one of these categories, then I’m halfway there, right? Then I decided I might as well utilize my English degree (thanks, LSU!) and write some book reviews on those books that I do read. Recently, I finished re-reading Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand and wrote a quick blurb as my Facebook status and got quite a response. Maybe something I review here will do the same!

So, who’s up for a challenge?



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