CC Cycle 3/Usborne Match-Ups

Here is a list I’ve compiled of current Usborne offerings that correspond to Classical Conversations Cycle 3 (2017-2018 academic year). Please give me credit for this list if you choose to share. And if you do not have an Usborne rep, please use my website to order your books! I am grateful for your support of my business. đŸ˜‰

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Timelines of World History
History: Usborne Encyclopedia of World History

What does the President Look Like?

Who Were the First North Americans?

Sticker Dressing Explorers

See Inside Exploration and Discovery

1920s Fashion (sticker book)

Hollywood and the Golden Age of Glamour

World Wars

The Story of the Second World War

See Inside the First World War

Sticker Dressing First World War

Sticker Dressing Second World War

First World War Sticker Book

Wartime Fashion (sticker book)

Animals at War

Fighter Planes

Living in Space

The Story of Astronomy and Space

Astronaut’s Handbook (there are bunches of space books if you search for them: here)

Science: Usborne Encyclopedia of Science

Usborne Children’s Encyclopedia

First Encylopedia of Science

First Encyclopedia of the Human Body

Human Body Reference Book

Complete Book of the Human Body

Usborne Living World Encyclopedia

Lift-the-Flap Questions and Answers about the Body

See Inside Your Body  (7+)

Look Inside Your Body  (3+)

Shine-a-Light: The Human Body

Lift-the-Flap Questions and Answers about Science

Science Activities (3 volumes); many other science activity books here

Illustrated Elementary Science Dictionary (8+)

Usborne Illustrated Dictionary of Biology (12+)

Usborne Illustrated Dictionary of Science (12+)

Usborne Illustrated Dictionary of Chemistry (12+)

All science books here.

Math: Lift-the-Flap Times Tables

Learning Wrap-Ups Multiplication

First Illustrated Math Dictionary (6+)

Illustrated Elementary Math Dictionary (8+)

Illustrated Dictionary of Math (12+)

Times Tables Activity Book

Wipe-Clean Starting Times Tables

Geography: Big Picture Atlas

Lift-the-Flap Picture Atlas

Shine-a-Light: Wonders of the USA

See Inside Great Cities

Learning Wrap-Ups: States and Capitals

Usborne Geography Encyclopedia

Fine Arts: Usborne Children’s Book of Art Famous Artists Sticker Book

Usborne Book of Famous Artists

Children’s Book of Art

Lift the Flap: Art

I Can Draw Animals

Step-By-Step Drawing, Animals, People, Dinosaurs

Art Treasury

Famous Paintings Cards

Classical Music Reference Book

Famous Composers Reference Book

First Book about the Orchestra

Noisy Orchestra

Latin: First Thousand Words in Latin

The links I listed for the encyclopedias are for the reduced format, which are the smaller, paperback versions, but they contain the exact content as the more expensive, slightly larger, hardback versions, which are linked here: Science Encyclopedia, History Encyclopedia, Geography Encyclopedia. There are library editions available as well. If you want the hardback versions, you can save some money by ordering the set here.

Building a Home Library:

If I had to choose only 3 books from Usborne, I would choose these:


Usborne Encyclopedia of Science

This book provides a survey of pretty much every science topic. Here is an example of a page on energy (cycle 2, week 15):


If you send me a message, I will send you pictures of the table of contents.

NB: There is a perfunctory explanation of sex in the biology section, so you may want to keep an eye on your younger readers. Also, Usborne is not a Christian company, so some topics may require discussion of that nature, i.e. evolution.

Timelines of World History

This book is pretty amazing. I think at least 10 families from my CC community have purchased this book. Not every CC timeline event is mentioned, but the majority correspond. I like how the pages show parallel events across the world. It’s a great starting point for further investigation. I will send a picture of my Foundations timeline page marked with the corresponding Timelines pages via email or PM upon request.


Big Picture Atlas

This one is just fun! I like that you can see more of the culture of the places we discuss in geography.


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